:: Unity and Motivation for Employees

Interested to try out this sport growing exponentially all throughout the world? Experience our half-day programs. PDRT Fireblades Half day programs include the following:

  • Competent coaches, steersmen and experienced paddlers to teach you the basics
  • Dragon boats, paddles, seat pads, life jackets and other safety equipment
  • Arrangements can also be made for box lunches, drinks and team uniforms
  • photo shoot sessions for publishing

Experience dragon boating and unify your employees in purpose and commitment to succeed. Motivate them by taking them outside their normal work environment and letting them have fun while learning to work together to overcome challenges. They will develop a new sense of accomplishment as they experience what they could accomplish together.

:: Make Your Reservation Now!

For more details on rates and schedules, you may reach Jhoan or Ched via email or mobile phone.

Isagani F. Dudos Jr.
+63 926 725-11-22
Jhoan Maya
+63 915 463-21-10
Ched Mercado
+63 933 412-57-90



:: Dragonboat: The Perfect Team Building Activity

Time and again corporations, large or small, have emphasized the importance of teams working together in their success as an organization. Many have spent valuable resources to get their teams to work together in order to achieve organizational goals. If you are looking for a new and exciting approach to teambuilding, let your employees try out Dragon boat racing.

Dragon boat racing is a sport that helps foster team spirit, improve communication and promote unity while your employees enjoy an exhilarating racing experience. The Dragon Boats carrying 20 paddlers, a drummer and a steersman is an ultimate display of teamwork. Teams paddle in a synchronized manner. All the members are one in their efforts and everyone is committed to propel the boat to the finish line.

Imagine your organization as a dragon boat in the water composed of a diverse group of employees who learn to work together to race to the finish. Camaraderie, communication, support, flexibility and pride help the paddlers form a special bond. Add to that an amazing workout suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Dragonboating is the perfect team building activity.